When:   Saturday 27th - Monday 29th January 2024
Start time 8.00 am Saturday Morning.
Accommodation:   Camping at Ongarue School Grounds
Swimming Pool will be available
Location:   Ongarue (Click here for Google Maps)
Catering:   Saturday:- breakfast, BBQ Lunch, Lamb on a spit for tea.
Sunday:- breakfast, Burgers for Lunch, Wild food feast for tea.
Monday:- breakfast, BBQ Lunch, pack up for home.
All catering included in cost of trip.
Cost:   $480 per vehicle (2 people), Extra $180 (Under 12 $90, Under 5 free). Additional $10 Insurance fee if not affiliated to 4WD Association. Payment details will be emailed to you upon registration acceptance.
(Bank deposits/transfers only, no cheques please)
Spaces:   Limited to 50 Vehicles  

  Nature of the two & 1/2 day event:

This event is a ‘follow me’ Safari for “shiny” 4WD Vehicles with a low ratio transfer box. 
4WD saloons, station wagons or vans with low ground clearance will not be suitable.  Contact us if you are unsure.

The Safari will Start at 8-00am Saturday morning with a Safety Briefing and trip procedures before we head off to the picturesque farms and bush lands around Ongarue

More about the area and the trip here.

What to Bring:

  • Camping gear etc. Camping at Ongarue School Grounds (Swimming Pool Available).
  • Drink bottle for fresh water.
  • Your own refreshments for the evening.
  • Fun attitude.
  • Camera.
  • Please, no pets.

  • Optional if you have:

  • Good tow rope, Bungee rope or strop
  • Spade (Secured)
  • Personal First Aid Kit
  • 1kg Fire Extinguisher (Secured).
  • Walkie Talkie for your use
  • Tyre Gauge
  • Spare Fuel (if yours is a gas guzzler).

    Additional Instructions  

    Whilst driving in this event you should:  

  • Look out for / keep in view the vehicle behind you - if not stop.
  • Maintain contact with that vehicle and keep in convoy.
  • Maintain a safe following distance, especially on steep ascents / descents.
  • Children must be very closely supervised AT ALL TIMES.
  • Seek assistance from a 4x4 Club member or designated organiser (Hi Visibility Vests will be worn) should you

  •     need assistance or are unsure.
  • KC4WD Club members will be carrying fire extinguishers, First Aid Kits, two-way radios and recovery
  • KC4WD Club members will co-ordinate any recovery / extraction necessary.
  • Maintain a tyre pressure of 20-25 psi which increases your tyres’ footprint on the ground, makes your tyres work
  •     more effectively and provides a smoother ride.
  • Re-inflate your tyres to road / highway pressures as soon as possible
  • If you have your own walkie-talkie, please bring these along for your own use.

  • A Few Final Reminders:

  • It is NOT a race!
  • There are NO winners and losers….just fun lovers!
  • Respect the owner’s land which has been donated for our use.  We would like to do this again with their help.
  • Bring a full tank of petrol / diesel! (50 kms to the nearest petrol station).
  • Make sure your vehicle is safe eg. battery is secure and you have a good spare tyre
  • Make sure you know where your towing points are in case of mud recovery